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Charley Fox Memorial Overpass Public Sculpture

I have been courting the fire for over twenty five years and some sparks have flown over that time, however the work I do now is the language of the flame made art that speaks for itself. During the last five years in Canada, my work took a new and interesting direction, and in the process, despite the various challenges such as language and a different culture, I have managed to vibrate through my experience, my passion and dedication absolute in this art.

My inspiration and creativity is renewed through each piece I design, then by creating thousands I think I have developed a very personal and particular style to treat the glass as a medium of expression, which I incorporate the light in a dynamic way.

I feel glass as an integral part of the architecture and that is why my work is designed to enhance and enrich the spaces, either through a gentle touch or by creating a strong contrast, but always in addition to the whole context and for this reason, my goal is not only showing my experience on a technique, is to encourage the viewer to discover the endless possibilities of glass.

Some of my recent work is the result of many years of searching for a more contemporary approach to an art form that is thousands of years old, using organic shapes and vivid colors, which express my Latin American roots, I am also attempting to create a blend with Canadian culture, since this is where I have discovered new and exciting sources to give life to my art. Starting with flat surfaces, sometimes I strive to create, by the superposition of parallel lines and colors, three-dimensional planes with progressive visual and vibrant effects; this technique creates an interactive experience between the viewer and various areas of the work, depending on his or her position, relative to the piece.

I am captivated by the complexity of light as it reflects, refracts, and passes through broken cross sections of plate glass then the color is a great experience with this medium, they are challenges well worth taking, however, as they allow the creation of a series of dynamic contrasts, interfering with one another, creating a virtual effect is why I believe colors theory changes when one works with glass: light is always a dynamic experience, which creates movement at every moment then sometimes the material itself appears to jump out and create a new optical and special effect within a shape.

In 1995 I began making artwork by laminating sheets of glass and exposing the cross sections. My motifs are derived from feelings of gentleness and harshness, limitless expansion experienced through contact with nature, images from music, ethnic conflict, the heart affected by joy and anger, and prayer. In creating my pieces it is like imagining an architectural space when viewing blueprints, deciding on an image by reading into the intentions of the architect, or imbuing a space with dynamic energy to bring it to life.. Drawing lines with sand and fire is one of God`s biggest gifts in my life and I add to that the many years I have devoted to this art form and all my deepest feelings and emotions.

Sculptures by daniel castillo



Daniel was born and raised in Bucaramanga, Colombia, South America. (1960)
He pursued his interest in glass after going to the Universidad Industrial de Santander University ?UIS- in Colombia and then he traveled to Venezuela to get apprenticeship in stained glass. Through this encounter he started to discover the beautiful and ethereal nature of glass and it sparked all his creativity.
His training in engineering and stained glass led himself naturally to the process with fused glass which can be approached much the same way as a painting or sculpture and he nurtured this interest in kiln-formed glass and it has grown into a career. He continually strive to grow as an artist and advance his work technically and conceptually. Drawing on his background along with inspiration from sources such as the four seasons and the Canadian landscape Daniel creates beautiful and compelling glass art that ranges from simple functionally shaped pieces to sculptures, wall panels, windows, doors and installations.
He was teacher at ITAE- Manuela Beltran University in the faculty of Architectural design while he had two studios in South America: one in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela and other one in his home town: Bucaramanga, Colombia.
He received a nomination to the national award Gold medal to the mastery in Colombia and his work is exhibited throughout North and South America, Spain, Italy as part of hundreds of private and public collections.
Today he works from his studio in London, Canada and he has received several grants from London Arts Council. One of his achievements was to win the international competition to make The Memorial Wall for the Holocaust for the Jewish Community Centre in London, Canada among proposals from Israel, Germany, USA and Canada; He has been lecturer for Museum London guides, London Cross Cultural, Glassfax Canada glass collectors, London City Symposium and others.
His work has been part of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection Autumn Art sale recognized as one of the most prestigious events to display original work from some of Canada`s most talented painters and sculptors, presented by the McMichael Volunteer Committee.
In 2010 he won the competition to build the sculpture to commemorate the ninety years of the discovery of insulin, "Banting House National Historic Site of Canada Public Sculpture" and his latest achievement was to win another public art competition in Canada to make the "Charley Fox Memorial Overpass Public Sculpture", a tribute to the Canadian military forces that were part of the world`s conflicts; at the same time he was nominated for the ? Traza Artesanal International Award? in Colombia in 2011.

Public Works

- Memorial Wall For The Holocaust for The Jewish Community, 2009 London, Canada
- Banting House National Historic Site of Canada 2010 London, Ontario, Canada
- Charley Fox Memorial Overpass Public Sculpture 2011 London, Canada

City Symposium, London, Canada


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