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Chris Rench. Born in Elgin IL. in 1967. Self taught industrial engineer and product designer in the sporting goods industry, C.J. designed technical products and was awarded multiple patents for his innovative products. He began, designing, sculpting and fabricating metal sculpture full-time in 2005, working mainly with large-scale abstract design that reveals his dimensionality. His work, primarily in stainless and mild steel is very diverse ranging from small tabletop hand- painted sculpture to monumental public installations. His extensive international travels as a result of his design work and entrepreneurial spirit have had a meaningful impact on his art. He has participated in various public exhibitions and has his sculptured work at several galleries in the North West. His works include many large- scale commission works for public and personal collectors throughout the Pacific-Northwest.

“It is my desire to use the forms shapes and objects I find in nature and apply them to my work with sculpture. The organic lines and forms once connected enhance a natural setting and bring to the viewer a moment of pause to reflect and absorb what they see. I hope all of my sculptures are presented in spaces that would allow the viewer to walk around and notice how every angle changes within the piece and the place it resides. Sculpture has the ability of dimension much like a towering tree, a weathered snag, or a boulder at the edge of stream; this dimension brings with it the feeling of life. Sculptures are alive in outdoor settings, always changing with the sun, their surroundings, the seasons, the gardens and some with the natural aging process.

Working with metal is not glamorous, it is dirty, industrial and physically demanding yet, I find it personally rewarding. The personalities of metal are strong, masculine and raw each piece takes those qualities and wears them differently.

As an industrial designer for the past 13 years I was limited to the confines of the corporate world and what the market demanded. Now, colors, forms, and scale roam freely in my mind and are only limited by the mediums that I choose.

Stop, inspect, breathe and enjoy sculpture…

C.J. Rench.

Sculptures by chris rench



Lee Kelly
Alexander Calder
Isamu Noguchi.

Public Works

Constellations 1 - The City of Bremerton, Washington USA
Catch The Spirit - Bethel Congregational Church, White Salmon WA. USA
Luhr Jenson Sculpture park, Hood River Oregon USA 9 works
"River Dance" Full Sail Brewing Hood River Oregon.
"Immaterial" Neuman builders, Bend Oregon.


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