brian hollingworth

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Mediums Used

Brian Hollingworth has had a life times experience of observing wildlife and sketching animals. He has an intimate knowledge of the movement of animals and a wealth of images to use in his sculpture. He has studied comparative anatomy and movement, so really understands what goes on under the skin of an animal. There may also subtle exaggeration in the wildlife sculpture, enabling him to capture the right feel and spirit of each animal he portrays in his bronze or ceramic sculpture.

This development into exploring bronze animal sculpture gave him the freedom to work using armatures to support the clay sculpture. He is now working on the creation of garden animal sculpture in bronze and bronze resin. Brian Hollingworth describes this as a re-energizing experience. His sculpture never stands still there is more to discover – more to create!

Sculptures by brian hollingworth



Brian Hollingworth has been a professional ceramic sculptor for nearly 38 years. He makes distinctive bronze and bronze resin sculpture of a wide range of wildlife and animals.


His work was shown on the BBC during a lunchtime programme called Pebble Mile at One. It was this that launched his work to a wider audience.

Public Works

The wide variety of commissions received through the web has developed his work, kept him always interested and challenged. He was commissioned by clients to make larger animal sculpture and bronze sculpture

Public Acquisitions
Brian`s work is held in collections worldwide including Australia, USA, Canada, Finland and Great Britain.