brad steele

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Mediums Used

Brad Steele is a master stonemason and stone carver who has a massive passion for his craft. Traditionally apprentice trained to a high standard in keeping with the great historic traditions of generations of English craftsmen.

As a professional master craftsman my craft is my great passion. I fully believe that in order to create a beautiful piece of sculpture the skill to achieve it must be delivered with passion.

Sculptures by brad steele



25 years to date working as a professional stonemason and carver within the UK heritage industry. Specialising in restoration and conservation of historic architecture, to include private commissions. Brad is an approved National Trust contractor and his work appears on stately homes, castles, cathedrals, churches and monuments all over the UK.
Brad is also a director of the Heritage Skills HUB, an organisation set up to promote heritage skills within the UK via training and demonstrations etc.

Teaching Experience
As a director of the Heritage Skills HUB part of Brads work is delivering masonry craft training to any level.