Anna Tölgyesi Poós is a nature-loving, free-spirited creator, in addition, dedicated, professional figural sculptor. She mostly working in bronze but she also has experience in stone sculpture, ceramics and wood carving. Her main profile is animal sculptures, pets and wild animals, most recently dog sculptures. She is able to pattern in a wide range of sizes, from life size to miniatures, in detailed design. In addition to the formally authentic representation, what is most important to her, the soul and spirit that she is trying to show in every sculptures.
The bronze statues are limited editions, large 5 numbered pieces, medium 20, small 50 numbered pieces in general.
She also takes individual orders, portraits too, based on photos!

She has a lot of experience in handling international shipments is not a problem for her. More than 500 statues from her hands have found new homes for collectors so far on all 5 continents.

I am a classic figurative sculptor. My sculptures testify to the love of nature, the desire for harmony. In my human and animal figures, too, in addition to the faithful representation of the external form, I strive to display the elusive, the soul, the spirit. For me, creation is an inner journey, I could liken it to meditation, when it is not the acquired knowledge but the intuitions of the flow that lead my hand. In this state, creation is like flying.
In addition to being a sculptor, this is my profession, as my husband, and we support our family from sculpture. I am the mother of 2 wonderful talented children who are private learners and we spend a lot of time creating and playing together. I hope they will be artist also, because artist life would be guarantees their freedom…
We maintain a farm and an open studio-art gallery.
In addition, I have not had the capacity to participate in individual and group exhibitions so far. I hope this will change later.
I fulfill a lot of foreign orders. My sculptures have collectors in all countries of Europe, America, Japan, Izrael, South Africa, Australia and many other places. Social networks have helped me with this.
I also take individual orders, life-size or smaller portraits of people and animals, both, based on photos (due to the distance) I work mostly from bronze, but ceramics, stone carving, synthetic resin, wood materials are also possible.

Interview Anna Tölgyesi Poós from Russian dog magazine

-Tell me shortly about you, how long have you been making sculptures, how it all started?

I grew up on a 16 acre arboretum like farm with my painter Mum andelectric engineer -inventor father. On this farm we had 3 lake withotters and beavers.On the paddocks horses, water buffaloes, peacocks,mangalicas and Hungarian gray cattle are lived together in peace. Friends of the family were all artists, so I always wanted to become asculptor. At the age 7-8 I already made my first attempts to create sculptures of horses and Indians out of thermosetting clay. During my school years I mostly continued with the interest of modeling animals and women, mostly Mother figures.

-Do you mainly make sculptures of animals? Dogs?

-We always had dogs, but at that time my favorites were our buffaloes and beavers. I created countless of sculptures of them. We had many type of dogs,and always had Hungarian Vizslas, but only later I got into modeling them from terracotta.

-Why have you decided to work with dogs and what is the best thing about it for you?

-When I married my (also sculptor) husband we received the family Vizsla`s daughter, Velvet. I made many miniature statue of her. The Vizsla is an ancient Hungarian Vizsla/hound like breed that has a strong bond with our history. They are good guard dogs and playful friends.Their wonderful musculature are graceful but strong andenergetic. A real sculptor topic!

-Do you have dogs? If so, what kind of dogs do you own, how many and why? Are they part of your inspiration?

-My husband had a sculpture foundry, my very first dog sculptures were cast in bronze there. Velvet had her first puppies, 8 little miracle, and I watched her feeding them devotedly. This inspired my first bronze Vizsla statue.

What is your favourite sculpture?

-My favorite out of my own sculptures is the one called “Lakeside” which portray my Mother and my two elder sister before I was born.

-Do you have any breeds of dogs that you prefer to make and why?

I have many dog statue inquiry, but I stick with the Vizsla breed for now. So far I made short-haired, wire-haired Hungarian Vizslasculpture, and now working on a Weimarer Vizsla, which will be sterling silver-plated. They are small, but in the spring I planning to do a life-sized Hungarian Vizsla with “on point”-settling. This is also made to order and will be a limited edition. I prefer to create my sculptures in small volumes to a maximum of 20 pieces from one type, numbered and certificated. Many people miss out on a particular statue and ask me to add them to the list, so they can buy from the next modeling. In the future I would like to work on Italian bracco,Pug,Labrador and Grey Hound of course because they are such an artist topic and can be sculpted by catching the marvelous energies these dogs have. Of course the list is not yet complete and only time will tell what comes next. I really want to model horses and wild animals too in the future.
-Are there any breeds that you really don`t like to make?
There is no dog that I would not like.All dogs are beautiful, even ifthey ugly they are beautiful! There is only one animal I dislike andthat is the scolopendra.
-What was your most unusual order of a sculpture of adog/dogs?
-The most unusual inquiry was a statue of a dead dog, a beagle thatalways twisted his leg in a weird way while sleeping. The customerasked me to paint the statue. Later he wrote me a thank you letter andsaid that the family were crying when they received the statue. Theysaid it was like getting their beloved dog back.
-Are there any artists that you like and look up to?
– I love many sculptor and I learn though their works. Nick Bibby from my contemporaries for examle, and I love Beth Cavener sculptures too, but who inspire me the most is Roden. Sergei Bobkov sculptures are impressive too, I love hisp layfulness.
-Why do you think people what to have sculptures of their dogs?
-The souls of animals, especially dogs, are as pure and sincere as we humans want to be but we can’t. This is why dog owners value their dogs very much, love and respect them as family members, so much so that many people make sculptures and paintings about them to immortalize them. I strive to capture the souls of animals in my animal sculptures. When I pattern the eyes of an animal, I get

Sculptures by anna tolgyesi poos



She is currently living in the world heritage site Hollókő Ófalu, also with a sculptor husband. They have two children. All four of them make statues. They spend their free time sailing and running on terrain. They are driving a caravan across Europe`s countries.


For me the Nature is the best teacher.

One of my contemporaries is my favorite Beth Cavener who dissects the human psyche in her animal sculptures.
I also really like Nick Bibby’s precision and Nick Mackman’s lifelike pottery.
Of the classics, Rodin is the one who is closest to me.
Among the Hungarian classical sculptors, the animal sculptures of György Vastagh are exemplary for me.


"Anna also fulfills custom orders, mostly making pet animal sculptures based photos: Here are some feedback:
"She has arrived! As many of you know, we lost our beautiful dog,Elsa last year in a tragic accident. And we wanted to have a bronze made of her by the amazing artist, Anna Tölgyesi Poós. Well wait until you see what a WONDERFUL job Anna has done, and how moved we are that so many of you contributed to help make this possible. We can only say THANK YOU to you all, which doesn`t seem good enough. But please know the joy we have now seeing her sculpture, in our home, and feeling like a little piece of her is back with us!"Helga Root (UK)

"Received my wonderful statue here in Tennessee today. It is even more beautiful than I imagined. Thank you!" Lori Freeman McAlister (United States)

"My Bandit Bronze has just arrived... It was so emotional to discover it in the mail today. Thank you Anna Tölgyesi Poós!"
Valerie Delprat (France)

Public Works

-Wass Albert statue, 2010, Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary
-Topography and village model bronze statue of Hollókő, 2015
-Reconstruction of the 1st World War Memorial
Bronze eagle bird. 2020
-Ancient city model from 14th century, bronze statue
of Hajdunánás, 2021

Teaching Experience
In Hungary, in Hollókő, Old village (World Heritage Site) , together with my husband, who is also a sculptor, we maintain an open Studio gallery. Here we periodically run a free art school for all ages on sculpture, drawing, bronze casting, wood carving, ceramics and fire enamel. We also run summer freelance art camps for children with similar themes.
Public Acquisitions
Coming soon... :)
-plaster technique sculptor symposium 2001 Pécs Hungary -Ceramic sculpture symposium 2002, Pécs Hungary -stone sculpture symposium 2003, Pécs Hungary -bronze sculpture symposium 2004 Pécs Hungary -textile sculpture symposium 2005 Pécs Hungary -wood carving technique summer art colony 2005 Nagyatad,Hungary


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