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Anna Korver is currently based in Taranaki, New Zealand. She has been a full time professional sculptor since completed a BFA in sculpture from the University of Canterbury in 2003. Korver works nationally and internationally on exhibition work and private and public commissions. She has been selected in the Wallace awards twice, invited to exhibit work in many large scale outdoor sculpture exhibitions including Brick Bay sculpture Trail and Tai Tapu sculpture garden and has attended more than 60 national and international sculpture symposiums.
Korver’s works are feminine in their identity and perspective, inviting intimacy and personal connection. The forms are minimalist and strive to reflect the inner self onto the outer surface. Her work has always come from an internal place, reflecting on the current situation or experience. The fundamental concepts generally revolve around the defense and protection of women but often from a subtle, gentle place. They question and challenge traditional feminine roles, offering a different kind of strength where the masculine and feminine sides are in balance and delicate, fragility is recognised instead of seen as a weakness, reflecting on feminism’s advocacy for equality for both genders. 
Her works combine a balance of contemporary and traditional sculpting processes and merge between realism and surrealism.
Korvers` recent works have moved into several specific series, where the human experience is described from different perspectives both literal and metaphorical; internalized and externalized. Some look at underlying questions about home as a transient concept using symbols such as the figure, the cube, vessels and sections of the landscape as reference to internal and external factors and support systems.  These works explore the idea of home as an abstract term sometimes inspiring a feeling of separation, restriction or entrapment, armament and defense and other times an escape, shelter,  sanctuary or protection. Her recent works are continuously curious about the connection of architecture to the human experience, of people and place; the way one affects the other and how the story and the experience of each go hand in hand. They seem to be influencing and imprinting on each other subconsciously and consciously. However these pieces become more about the deconstruction and reconstruction of the self via the symbolism of architecture. 

Korver was the co-owner of The Korver Molloy Gallery and sculpture park for 4 years, a trustee on the board of Eco Artists New Zealand for 10 years and an executive member of Te Kupenga stone sculpture society.

My work is autobiographical, exploring my view and experiences of the world. I have been carving since I was four years old and it has remained my passion throughout my life so far. I strive to push the limits of the materials I use as well as my concepts and ideas.

Sculptures by anna korver


Public Works

2020: ‘Lifeboat – Resting point’ Japan
‘Paper heart’ Egypt
2019: ‘Prleska nevesta’ Slovinia
‘She’ - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
‘Sky dress’ - Parana, Argentina
2018: - ‘Freedom’ Craiova, Romania
- ‘Starline’ Korca, Albania
-`Paper fortress` Hurghada, Egypt
2017: -‘Karearea dress’ - Montenegro
-`Hinemoana` - Ayia Napa, Cyprus
2016: -‘Prada’ – Black Granite, Adelaide Australia
2015: -Facet dress – Denizli - Turkey
-`Black figure` Denmark
2014: -Facet figures - Travertine – Pedide
dream city - Iran
-‘The white mouse’ Corten steel and
Italian marble - Rotorua
2012: -‘Aurere’ New Zealand marble and
basalt - Whangarei
2008: -‘Tern’ Turkish marble – Turkey
-Temporary public work at Pleasant point
2006: -Stone sculpture in Costa Rica
2005: -Stone sculpture for Main Power

Teaching Experience
Over 15 years of private sculpture tuition.
Public Acquisitions
Anna Korver has many works in private collections nationally and internationally including works in large international collections such as the Mosan art museum, South Korea.
2020: 7th Sohar sculpture camp - OMAN Te Kupenga international stone symposium, NZ Yukuhashi invitational international granite symposium – JAPAN - 1st International monumental sculpture symposium Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, COLOMBIA 2019: World Youth Forum – reviving humanity memorial - EGYPT 1 st International Sculpture symposium BKBF (Bober Kunst Bildhauer Fabrik) SLOVENIA 18 th edition of the Castello Tesino wood symposium ITALY 1st sculpture symposium Ryiadh SAUDI ARABIA Metal symposium, Parana, ARGENTINA 2018 - Mosan museum international symposium, KOREA -International sulphur lake symposium, Rotorua, NZ -6th International sculpture symposium Drumuri Brâncușiene, ROMANIA -9th International symposium, Korca, ALBANIA -International sculpture symposium, Skopje, MACEDONIA -Tekupenga international stone symposium, NEW ZEALAND -Ostraka symposium, EGYPT 2017 International sculpture symposium, Montenegro Ayia Napa international symposium, Cyprus 2016 Adelaide hills international sculpture symposium, Australia Ashburton symposium Sulphur lake symposium, Rotorua Te Kupenga international stone symposium, New Zealand 2015 5th Rinkoebing wood symposium, Denmark 5th Komurcuoglu Stone Sculpture Colony symposium, Turkey Collaborationz NZ international symposium, Whangarei Heads 2014 Rotorua international symposium 1st international symposium, Padide, IRAN Te Kupenga international hard stone symposium, New Zealand Whangarei international symposium Form international symposium, Hokitika 2013 Kawerau wood festival symposium 2012 Te Kupenga international hard stone symposium, New Zealand Uxbridge symposium and awards Tauranga arts festival symposium Coromandle hard stone symposium Whangarei symposium and awards 2011 Lakehouse wood sculpture live symposium and awards 2010 Rotorua inaugural stone carving symposium Te Kupenga, international hardstone symposium, New Zealand Mangere bridge invitational sculpture symposium 2009 Coromandle hardstone symposium Wood sculpture live symposium and awards 2008 International marble symposium in Ankara, Turkey Coromandle symposium 2007 Art residency at Lochmara, Marlborough sounds Coromandle hard stone symposium Wood sculpture live, Lakehouse, Takapuna Hamilton marble symposium Wellington, soft as stone symposium 2006 Coromandle hard stone symposium Artists retreat and residency at Lochmara. International marble symposium in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. International symposium at Waitakaruru Sculpture Park, Waikato Matakana international symposium Albany symposium 2005 Wood sculpture live, Takapuna Gardenz symposium, Christchurch. Waimakariri stone symposium, Rangiora 2004 Gardenz stone symposium, Christchurch Mac’s mixed media sculpture symposium, Nelson


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