andrew horsfall

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Mediums Used

Graceful curves and planes, crystallize organic ideas with solid structures and suggest as yet undiscovered natural forms, the sort of sculpture one is compelled to touch, is just one description of his delightful work that is so much in demand in the house, the workplace and the open space.

The arts are essential in that they act as a counterwieght to the day to day tribulations of our existence. There must always be a balance between good and evil, light and dark, one cannot exist without the other. The world of sculpture must keep it interal equilibrium. It is this balance the I strive to maintain and express in my work and in my life as a whole

Sculptures by andrew horsfall



Andrew has been working as a sculptor for six years now, making forays from his home in Sussex to travel the world for ideas and inspiration; studying native art and artifacts, and gathering materials in North America, Australia and Africa.

He started his sculpting career working in wood, much of it storm damaged timber from the hurricane-ravaged Ashdown Forest where he lives. Later he moved to stome - limestone, marble and granite - and casting in pewter and bronze, producing limited editions.

All his works are drawn from forms found in nature, be they plant, animal, or elemental, and he also draws inspiration from the interaction between the man-made and the natural world.

Andrew has a clear picture of the place of art in life and society today

Teaching Experience
After a years residency in Art and Sculpture at Michael Hall School in 1995, he was invited the following year to join the teaching faculty.
Public Acquisitions
Many of his pieces are now in Private Collections