Amanda Hughes Lubeck

This artist accepts commissions

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About Amanda Hughes-Lubeck
Amanda Hughes-Lubeck is one of the UK`s leading equestrian sculptors.
She has completed many commissions including:
A Bronze portrait of the Queen’s riding pony Emma
The Tree of Life for Doncaster Royal Infirmary Rainbow Garden.
The Queen on Burmese
Red Rum
IHG Bronze Knight Awards.
Amanda now works predominantly in bronze, and occasionally in clay.

Exhibition History of Amanda Hughes-Lubeck
1988 Keele university
2006 to 2008 resident artist the Plassey gallery in Wrexham.
2011 Gallery 12A Doncaster
2011 Doncaster Racecourse
2011 Midland Game Fair
2012 Animal Art Fair London
2012 Animal Artist of the Year with David Shepherd Mall Galleries London
Biography / CV of Amanda Hughes-Lubeck
1986 to 1988 The Sir Henry Doulton school of sculpture
1988 to 1997 Royal Doulton sculptor
1997 to present freelance artist and sculptor.
Awards and Prizes of Amanda Hughes-Lubeck
* Highly commended art gallery gift of the year 2006
* Finalist in Animal Artist of the Year ( Exhibited with David Shepherd at The Mall Galleries in London ) 2012
* Chosen to exhibit at the Animal Art Fair London 2012
* Staffordshire Artist of the Year 2021

Acquisitions / Collections of work by Amanda Hughes-Lubeck
Over 100 sculptural designs for Royal Doulton
Intercontinental Hotels knight Award Sculptures
Relief sculpture on Wedgewood Masters golf trophy won by Tiger Woods
Many commission completed for Wedgwood, border fine arts, collectible world, Royal Worcester and many more.

She has completed many commissions including:
The Tree of Life for Doncaster Royal Infirmary
The Queens Riding Pony Emma for HRH The Queens 90th Birthday
The Lovers Statue renovations Doncaster
The Queen on Burmese
Red Rum
IHG Bronze Knight
Wedgwood Masters Golf Trophy.
Reviews of work by Amanda Hughes-Lubeck
Gift association
Gift buyer
Collect it
Evening sentinel
Many gift industry magazines
Qualifications / Education of Amanda Hughes-Lubeck
Sir Henry Doulton school of sculpture
2 Years studying under the supervision of Dame Elizabeth Frink and Principle Colin Melbourne.
Teaching Experience
2005 to 2006 private art tuition Wrexham
2010 Rebound Doncaster (Sculpting with plaster)
Influences / Inspiration of Amanda Hughes-Lubeck
The Animaliers, Rodin, Michelangelo, Henry Moore, Dame Elizabeth Frink
Commissioning Work
This artist accepts commissions.

Artist Statement of Amanda Hughes-Lubeck
“Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in you life” – Confucius
I love creating works of art and seeing peoples face light up so I feel very lucky to be able to do what I do.
To a have the photo below of the Queen with the portrait of her favourite riding pony Emma was one of the biggest highlights of my career. The look on her face when she saw the sculpture says it all.

However, my sculptures are all over the world from little Beatrix Potter, Disney, ceramics, to the large scale remembrance sculpture for the Rainbow garden at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary.
I have completed many artworks and it is a complete pleasure to be able to be creative and I give thanks to everyone who has been involved in the helping or loving the works that are out there.
Thank you.

Sculptures by Amanda Hughes Lubeck


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