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Alexei Chmelev with his wife

Alexei G. Chmelev is an architect, a sculptor, member of Moscow organization The Unit of artists of Russia, the partisipant of many exibitions exibirions in Russia and abroad. His works are in the private collections in Russia, Turkey, Germany and USA.The material in the perfomance of work – bronze casting.

In the genre of an animalistic sculpture creates realistic, that amaze with it`s srirituality portray`s images of animals. In his work unusually precisely captured the character and reflected anatomic specifications and mooves of his characters.

He was born on 8th of August 1962 in Moscow. From 1984 to 1988 was the chief artist of Moscow theatre in the South-west. Since 1995 – member of the Unit of artists of Russia.In 1997 have graduated the Moscow architectural institute (The state academy), the faculty of city planning. Along with the sculpture he is currently involved in private architectural pracice and interior design.

Alexei Chmelev works in the various genres in the custom-built interior and park sculpture.

I try to make so that all of my pieces of art would bring some kind of idea to the viewer. It relates to the whole art, even subjects, that don`t have not only artistic, but even applied purpose.

As any artist I`m capable to create any kind of sculptures,but most of all I like to work in the animalism genre. In the portrays of animals I try to capture not only the natural grace and plastic of my characters, but even the complicated and sensitive soul of dumb animals.

I consider that sculptor must lead his work from birth of an idea to it`s full realization all by himself. That`s why I sculpture the model myself, take a cast of model myself, cast and do the finishing myself.

Sculptures by alexei chmelev



Alexei Chmelev
Born in 1962
Education and Qualifications
2011 Associate member of the Moscow organisation Union of Artists of Россия
2001-2011 cooperation with Nikolai Ivanov`s sculptural studio
1983-1997 Magistrature of Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy), Москов
1995-1998 cooperation with the Combine Vorontsovo, with contributions from other art combines
1995 Associate member of the Union of Artists of Russia
1984-1988 work the chief artist in GBUK of Moscow "Moscow theater in the Southwest"
1980-1982 service in the active forces of the Soviet Army
1979-1980 Practica in Architectural organisation Mosproject
1976 candidate for the Master of Sports in figure skating


Animals, Nature, Life

Public Works

1996 Challenge Trophy for the annual competition "For the use of the largest diamonds in the jewelry industry" by request "Yakut Diamond"

Teaching Experience
Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow For nearly eight years, from September 1998 to July 2006, A. Chmelёv worked as a teacher discipline Artistic casting, transferring students personal experience of artistic skill casting various metals.
Public Acquisitions
Private collection in Russia, Turkey, Germany and the United States.


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