alan ross

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Mediums Used

assembling a giant ant

Alan is a self taught sculptor using a variety of metal fabrication techniques.

I work in a style of my own, in the `Direct metal Sculpture` tradition. This an approach to sculpture in which the material is allowed to speak for itself, the metal being treated as a natural material rather than being moulded and forged into shape as in the heavy metal approach typified by Blacksmithing.
A lot of my work is as much about the space occupied by the subject as it is about the subject itself, I try to frame the subject with metal and leave the viewer to fill in the gaps themselves.

Sculptures by alan ross



Alan is 46 years old, and after several years working in his spare time, took the plunge in 2006 and now works full time as a sculptor.


He takes his influences from a variety of sources, especially the natural world, artistically he has taken a few cues from Giacometti and other contemporary sculptors

Public Works

Recently completed the installation `The Earth Dwellers` in the grounds of Longleat House, an installation of giant ants each 4m long

Teaching Experience
I run regular metal sculpture making classes, catering for anybody from complete beginners to accomplished metal workers. These are run in my studio in Fownhope Herefordshire


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